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Our Suppliers

Global Fresh Marketing has developed over many years a strong network of consistent quality suppliers in most growing regions of Australia. Australian fresh fruit growers are some of the most efficient producers in the World that receive no farm subsidies or financial help from government, competing in world markets by producing fruits that not only look good, but have exceptional taste. Australia’s fresh fruit industry is one of the World’s best in terms of food safety.

Global Fresh Marketing’s suppliers are environmentally responsible people and are passionate about continual improvement and utilize the latest technology in their packing and cold storage facilities adding additional shelf-life to the fruits. They quickly adapt “best practice” from other countries or invent new-farming techniques of their own to produce fruits under environmentally sustainable methods with minimal wastage of water resources and minimal chemical application, opting for biological pest controls were ever possible.

Our suppliers manage to produce excellent and safe food while at the same time paying farm employees fair and just wages that ensures the employee has one of the highest living standards in the World.
Global Fresh Marketing Export many of the high-ranking Australian Fruit Brands, and retain some exclusive marketing arrangements with Australia’s best Brands in Apple, Sweet Cherry and Mangoes.

If you are a buyer looking for high quality, safe to eat fruits, please contact us.

If you are a supplier, big or small, producing high standard fruit and would like to talk with us regarding exports kindly contact us.

To all our suppliers, thank you for your great efforts and support.